PathOS - Key Impact Pathways of Open Science

31 August 2022 marks the beginning of the European project PathOS – Key Impact Pathways of Open Science, which aims to identify and quantify the key impacts of implementing open science practices from the perspective of the academic sphere and its reciprocal relationships with the economy and society. PathOS will provide insight into the wide-ranging impacts of open science and their causal mechanisms. The project's work plan includes gathering evidence, development of new methods and tools to measure the impact of open science practices, multiple pilot tests through in-depth case studies, innovative dissemination of results and networking, and synthesis activities that will conclude with recommendations for future development policies. The results of the PathOS project will be crucial for the development of effective open science policies in the European Union.

The PathOS Project involves:

The PathOS project aims to gather concrete evidence of the causal impact of open science by examining its pathways and practices, from foundations to results, from outcomes to impacts, including consideration of facilitating and inhibiting factors. PathOS will contribute to the understanding of the effects of open science on academia, economy and society. It will help policymakers and other stakeholders in the research and innovation ecosystem develop recommendations on how and to what extent open science should be promoted and how it can be developed in a balanced way. It will also help develop innovative tools and methods using big data that will complement traditional methods for studying the impact of open science.

All of this will enable evidence-based prioritization of future open science policies, maximizing the impact of open science practices, and enhancing research and innovation capacity of the European Union.

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