Science Europe Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment

Science Europe*, European University Association and dr. Karen Stroobants prepared the Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment, which was published on Science Europe's website on 20 July 2022. The document has been in preparation since January 2022 and takes into account the input of more than 350 research organizations from more than 40 countries. It sets out principles, commitments and timelines for reform and establishes operation principles for a coalition of organisations willing to work together to implement change.

The coalition's vision is that evaluation of research, researchers and research organizations begins to take into account the various outcomes, practices and activities that improve the quality and impact of research. This requires that the evaluation of research activity be based primarily on qualitative assessment, with a review process supported by the responsible use of quantitative indicators. Such an evaluation process should be introduced in decisions on hiring, promotions and rewards, as well as in the funding of research projects, research organizations and their subunits.

The reform envisioned by the document is very practical by design, with emphasis on 4 fundamental and 6 supporting commitments that aim to increase the feasibility and effectiveness of the reform. The commitments are critical to the adoption of responsible research practices and provide a common ground across all academic fields and disciplines. Science Europe will begin collecting signatures in support of the reform on 28 September 2022 during the European Research and Innovation Days, but it is already possible to pre-announce your support to the process coordinators at Science Europe.

The reform of research assessment has also been envisioned by the Council of the European Union in its conclusions on open science this June.


*Science Europe is an association of European research funders, of which Slovenian Research Agency is a member.

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