DiRROS Data is an online service of the DiRROS Repository that provides researchers with information regarding research data management (RDM), both when publishing in the DiRROS Repository and when publishing and archiving scientific works in other repositories or on data sharing platforms. All questions can be answered by our information specialists, who can also offer help and support in the various steps of research data management.

Research Data Management

We have prepared an overview of national and institutional policies on research data management in Slovenia and abroad. See what is new under the Scientific Research and Innovation Activities Act, what is required in the European Research Area, and how data management is regulated by countries outside the EU, such as the USA, India and China. Read more ...


Annotated DMP Templates

We have translated the data management plans (DMPs) of various funders and equipped them with explanations and suggestions. Here you can find research data management plans for projects within Horizon Europe, the European Research Council (ERC), etc. We are constantly updating and supplementing the online service. Read more ...

Recommendations and tips

We have prepared recommendations for creating numerical data sets and other files, choosing data formats, equipping data with metadata, and depositing data in repositories. We also present some ways in which you can verify the authenticity of the data deposited in repositories by other researchers. Read more ...


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